“Today my wife and I woke up hearing the sounds of the waves right next to the beach at Moonstone Beach in Cambria!

We slept in our Jucy rental van. Even our kids have a bed as the top of the van as it pops up to make a bed!

We skipped flat rocks across the waves at the beach a while and then headed north toward Big Sur.

Stopping again we went to Ragged Point and then Julia Pfiffer State Park which had a pretty waterfall that fell over a cliff to a sandy beach below! It was amazing.

A cave was nearby that’s led through to the ocean on the other side. Beautiful ponderosa pines stood atop of a huge rock that jutted out into the ocean which helped form the rounded bay. The water was blue and green, against the whitish sand. All in all it was so beautiful, it looked like the definition of ‘paradise cove’.

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