Night Sailing!


“Turning on the cabin lights added a warm glow inside. I needed to look at the map and get my bearings on the distance my boat was from shipping lanes. After checking it all out, I then turned out the light and went back outside to the cockpit.

Here I could see the stars truly gleaming. I put a blanket around me to keep off the chill and settled down near the tiller and made sure the boat was truly on course.

        This was a typical night sailing out over the ocean near Point Vicente CA. During the summer months, the wind will keep blowing till eleven o’clock at night and then fizzle out leaving a calm over the sea. I was at the mercy of the wind as I had lost my engine in a storm. My boat rocked over the gentle waves without any headway. I scanned the horizon for ships but all was quite. I sat in the cockpit looking out at the water, the starry sky and the dark cliffs of San Vicente a mile away. I was mesmerized by its serenity. One of the reasons why I love sailing!”


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