Night Sailing!


“Turning on the cabin lights added a warm glow inside. I needed to look at the map and get my bearings on the distance my boat was from shipping lanes. After checking it all out, I then turned out the light and went back outside to the cockpit.

Here I could see the stars truly gleaming. I put a blanket around me to keep off the chill and settled down near the tiller and made sure the boat was truly on course.

        This was a typical night sailing out over the ocean near Point Vicente CA. During the summer months, the wind will keep blowing till eleven o’clock at night and then fizzle out leaving a calm over the sea. I was at the mercy of the wind as I had lost my engine in a storm. My boat rocked over the gentle waves without any headway. I scanned the horizon for ships but all was quite. I sat in the cockpit looking out at the water, the starry sky and the dark cliffs of San Vicente a mile away. I was mesmerized by its serenity. One of the reasons why I love sailing!”


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The ocean has fascinated me since I was young. At this point, I've been sailing now for almost 20 years now and loving it! My vision is to be able to share this with more and more people and travel and sail different parts of the world.

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